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Name: Jenny Nordin

Day of birth: 16 October 1974


Berit, my mother


Håkan, my father


Josefin and My, my sisters.

What I love to do: paint, write, watch a movie and listen to music. Favourit movie : ”Braveheart”, ”The fifth element” and ”Lords of the rings" and more.

Favourit music : Theatre of Tragedy, Paradise Lost, Sarah Brightman och Clannad and more.

Favourit book : The werewolfs by Whitley Strieber

Favourit writers : Katharina Kerr, Terry Goodkind, Terry Pratchett, Tad Williams, Robert Jordan, David Eddings, Raymond E Fiest, Patricia A McKillip, Anne McCaffrey och Roger Zelazny and more.

Favouritseries : ”Elfquest” by Wendy Pini and ”Garfield”  

My pets :  I have 4 cats, Indra, Isis, Osiris and Tami.

Indra is the youngest of them and the wildest. She allways gets her self in a lot of troubles. She is like a dog, allways following me where ever I go.

Isis is the most friendlly cat, she loves everyone and everybody. She speaks a lot and sometimes she makes me made by her talking.

Osiris is sister to Isis, and she is scared by everything. She loves food and getting her belly pated. If she thinks that you are pating her belly to little she makes a smal mjau.

Tami is the oldest cat. I got here from a home, where she no longer was welcome. She is a really nicce and gentle lady. She loves food and she plays a lot with Indra.


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